A piece of Yukon history
for sale.

Please contact before July 31.
Klondikenugget@northwestel.net or 867-993-5432


The first jewellery store related to this company was established in 1904 and was later incorporated as Klondike Nugget & Ivory Shop Ltd in 1975.
Uta Reilly is the 5th owner since 1904 and has operated this store for over 40 years.
Klondike Nugget Shop has developed into Dawson City’s largest manufacturer and retailer of gold nugget jewellery, and one of the most respected stores in Dawson.
It has been featured in many television documentaries and newspapers from Europe, and has a huge repeat clientele

This business has phenomenal growth potential. The store used to be open year-round but for the last few years, due to owner health issues, we have been seasonal, operating between 4 and 6 months.
The store does not have an online presence, or do any online sales and could easily expand sales through this avenue. It also operates seasonally and could make substantially more by being open for Christmas and other winter holiday.

After 45 years, Uta has been forced to retire and she is currently seeking someone to take on the legacy of Klondike Nugget.
Although previous jewellery experience would be an asset, it is not essential since this business has operated for so many years it is now largely turn-key and easily learnable.
The business and goodwill are not reliant on any one key person. For the past 8 years, Uta has been taking holidays and spending 2 weeks every month at her house in Marsh Lake. We have also been closing for winters for the past 5 years.

Asking price is $100,000 plus retail and workshop inventory (approx. $200,000) and any desired optional displays.
The inventory can be much lower by fall if desired.