The CJA is the Canadian jewellery industry's National Association where its membership which:

• Maintains the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics
• Complies with all government laws and regulations relating to the jewellery industry
to support and abide by the CJA's Code of Ethics

The CJA's mandate for the jewellery industry as a whole is to encourage and support jewellery sales, in Canada by:

• Dissemination of information to the trade
• Enhancement of standards, knowledge and craftsmanship of its members through,
• Liaise with all levels of government for the purpose of influencing positive industry policy
• To create and implement support programs of direct benefit to members
• Encourage the standardization of ethical and beneficial practices
• Promote awareness, understanding and desirability of Canadian jewellery product

Communication of the CJA logo "A Sign You Can Trust", to both industry and consumers.
The Canadian Jewellers Association helps you through its many membership benefits to reduce your operating costs. Refer to our membership web page on benefits for more details.

Provide a unique Canadian Jewellery Buying Experience through Jewellery World Expo , the CJA's national jewellery trade show. Refer to JW Expo's web page for more details.